It all started with a trip to India

Where we saw unbelievable culture, new environments, and an incomparable experience with humanity.



But we also saw incredibly high levels of air pollution. 


And we realized that no matter the location, the demographic, or the person, the single equalizing factor among all of us is the fact that we all breathe multiple times a day - in fact, thousands. Everybody, around the world, deserves and wants a clean breath of air. But not everyone gets it.

What We've Achieved

  • We've identified that consumers have asked for, and not received, three main components in filtration technology:
    • Aesthetics
    • Effectiveness
    • Personal tracking
  • With the right team and the right materials, we believe we can offer all three.
  • We're utilizing next generation fibers and tracking technology to incorporate effective, versatile filtration with personal tracking benefits.


We're currently in alpha phase and looking to begin testing our model in 2017.