Resprana Wins Fall '16 NYU Tandon Prototyping Award

Thanks to the Leslie ELab, Resprana won its first prototyping grant to get started on the business. We used this grant in multiple ways:

- To delve deeper into our market research and conduct a global survey of over 197 cities to ensure we're making the right product for the right people.

- To actually purchase, and use, other competitor wearable air purification devices on the market to test our their unique strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, we were able to see what was successful in practice rather than in theory, and gained valuable information on how we can make our product better.

The top 15 applicants from 55 total teams were chosen from every corner of the University, estimating a total fund award of nearly $6,000.
— NYU Entrepreneur's Institute

- 3D printing capabilities. Without this grant, Resprana wouldn't have been able to perform their first 3D prototype (which, might we say ourselves, looked great!). We learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the particular shape of our product. Next up, a medical-grade print.

- A 360-degree facial scan. Our co-founder, Sophie, had a lot of fun with this; we hope to use it to properly demonstrate, online and in person, how our wearable air purifier can comfortably fit the human face.

Want more details? Learn more about the NYU Tandon Prototyping Fund here.

Andrea McDonald