Resprana is changing the way the world breathes with a new approach to fighting air pollution.



Introducing the Resprana Wearable Air Filter (WAF): All the protection of a face mask - without the mask.



Air pollution causes 7 million deaths every year - and we're all at risk.

With dangerous air pollution increasing at an alarming rate, consumers hold the responsibility of protecting their respiratory health. Resprana is creating a new way to help and empower people around the world to take control.

The Wearable Air Filter (WAF) changes your air without changing you. Whether you're on travel, at home, or anywhere in the world, Resprana's WAF can keep you safe, healthy, and aware of your environment.


Best of all? You get to stay human. 


It's not just about the air, it's about how we protect ourselves. 


When it comes to versatility, aesthetics, and effectiveness, there's no compromising. Before now, there was also no solution.

We're here to change that.


No more masks.

No more covers.

Just you.